owner’s thoughts

why Fuzzy Dice...

We are a full service design studio here to help you stand out in this rat race called business. But what does Fuzzy Dice have to do with graphic design? Honestly, nothing. I’ve always dreamt of one day owning an old service garage and converting it into my office. Then I’d build my desk on one of the car lifts so when I needed to get away to work, up I’d go. Plus if you think about your Fuzzy Dice hanging from the rear-view mirror, they are always out in front of you leading you forward but closely tied to your past and where you’ve been. Pretty deep thoughts for a right brain thinker wouldn’t you say.

are we any good...

We’ve designed work that has received a plethora of molded plastic, stained wood, etched glass, cast metals, and gold lettered papers from cities such as Akron, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Atlantic City and New York City just to let us know we rock. (And our mothers love our work.) Check out our portfolio and see if we can’t help you with your design needs.

design warning...

This company is my contribution toward the beautification of the world. Now I know that every good-hearted man and woman wants to make the world a better place, but please be warned– design can be dangerous. Here at Fuzzy Dice Design, we are all trained professionals. So please do not try this at home. With the state of the world today I know it’s easy to get your hands on some form of desktop publishing software and think you can handle it all by yourself. Don‘t do it. We’ve all heard accounts of an inexperienced business owner who tried to design a business bolstering promotion campaign with a template and no training. Sadly enough after 18 pots of coffee, 6 attempts to get a hold of the software’s customer service department and 2 full days in a 24 hour Kinko‘s they come to realize that their free Star Wars font they downloaded from the web doesn‘t hold up when you make the entire brochure in all caps, bolded and with a drop shadow. Of course they have no budget left to redo the work because they upgraded to the premium resume paper with the cool grey fleck and a watermark that says, “Made from 100% virgin fibers from a 700 year old tree in the rainforest that used to supply our children with oxygen.” So when they finally hand out their promotion they are picketed by 3 local environmental groups, kicked off the PTA and black listed by the local Chamber of Commerce. Now their business folds and the repo man came and extracted their daughter’s braces with a pair of needle nose pliers. All of this could have been avoided simply by contacting us. We are here to save you from this nightmare. That’s what we do.

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